25 February 2014

The Role of Group Settings in Developing Physician Leaders

Developing leadership skills is a personal achievement, but we also believe in the value of collaboration and teamwork. For busy medical directors, their packed schedules often do not leave time for daily education and knowledge sharing. That’s why the Sheridan Leadership Academy holds several events throughout the year, giving busy physician leaders the chance to network with each other, learn new information and processes, and share their own skills and experiences.

These events include the Annual Sheridan Leadership Conference, a 2-day retreat for hospital chiefs and vice-chiefs. Participants follow four curriculum tracks, with topics such as communication and collaboration, and focus on sharpening their skills in a distraction-free environment. We also offer semi-annual regional workshops to let medical directors network with each other. These workshops provide an update on the healthcare industry, techniques for refining their own personal leadership styles, news on the Sheridan health business, and even a guide to financial concepts and reporting.

While it can be challenging to make time for these types of leadership development programs, the benefits are immeasurable. We encourage our leaders to integrate their new skills and information into real-life situations at their home facilities, and also share what they have learned with others. This continues the cycle of process improvement across hospitals.

For clinician job-seekers who are interested in joining the Sheridan network and taking advantage of these programs, search our job opportunities for more information.