14 March 2016

Thanks for a Remarkable Operating Room Success

Medical practice is an occupation where success is contingent upon vigilance and readiness. Few physicians can count on a predictable workday routine. While physicians must respond to unexpected changes in a patient’s condition on a daily basis, some challenges require more than just an informed medical mind. Sometimes the right answer to a problem is not obvious or readily available, but the problem needs to be solved immediately. These challenges require strong instincts, quick thinking and inexhaustible tenacity.

A patient at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, MA underwent a C-section following a newly diagnosed placenta previa. As the patient experienced a rapid 7,000mL blood loss, the anesthesiology team consisting of Dr. Judith Holmgren, Rafael Torres, Dr. Petra Kriz and Dottee Fisher performed a difficult intra-operative obstetrical resuscitation to avoid disaster. To put it simply, this woman’s children still have a mother because of the team’s timely, critical intervention.

At Sheridan, we are fortunate to have physicians that demonstrate absolute commitment to each patient. Congratulations to this remarkable team. Thank you for your ongoing service.