22 May 2014

Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction in the ED

Hospital leaders in the emergency department juggle many elements to improve patient care, including capacity, length of stay, patient wait times, and left before being seen scores. It can be easy to identify a problem when one of these areas doesn’t run smoothly, but it can be more difficult to find the solution and pinpoint the specific adjustments needed to increase hospital efficiency and patient satisfaction scores.

We have several proven strategies in place to improve customer service in our clients’ emergency departments. These strategies include:

Chart Audits and Case Reviews – To monitor and evaluate the quality of care provided by physicians and mid-level providers in the ED, Sheridan provides chart audits on all mortalities, 72-hour returns requiring admission and high-risk presentations. Additionally, chart reviews are performed for cases in which a complaint has been filed or cases requested by the facility.

Ancillary Services Utilization – In order to maintain efficient and effective use of resources, Sheridan monitors hospital data on utilization of ancillary services to discover best practices and opportunities for improvement.

EMS Programs – As part of our community outreach programs, our Medical Directors participate in EMS outreach programs to foster communications and relationships with EMS units servicing our client hospital. The EMS outreach program may include:

  • Contact with EMS through site visits to EMS stations
  • Physician ride-alongs
  • Educational in-services for paramedics
  • Feedback to paramedics regarding patient outcomes

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