11 July 2013


Recruitment is very important at Sheridan Healthcare. Finding the proper physicians for our hospitals isn’t just about expertise and availability. It’s about finding the right fit.

Sheridan has a provider retention rate of 98%—one of the industry’s highest. Our physicians and allied healthcare providers attribute our low turnover to reasonable work schedules, effective leadership, professional growth opportunities and geographic diversity. We make sure to maintain efficient staffing levels and offer training and continuing education opportunities, including  scholarships and sponsorships.

You only need to credential with us once, which makes relocation among our hospitals easy and timely. We also give you full access to clinical and business resources, meaning you spend less time focusing on administrative duties and more time focusing on medical care.

Would you be a good fit for the Sheridan team? Where do you see yourself in the hospital environment? For more information on working with Sheridan, visit http://sheridanhealthcare.com/careers