16 July 2015

Sheridan Physicians Help Memorial Regional Hospital Win Prestigious STS Ranking

When Sheridan partners with a hospital, we don't just staff a department — we partner with management to build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, striving to make that department the best it can possibly be. Our clinical leaders embody that ideal, and three of our physicians recently demonstrated a fantastic example of just that: Dr. Joseph Loskove, our regional medical director, Sheridan anesthesiologist Dr. Robert Brooker, and Dr. Adam Blomberg, the national education director for the anesthesiology division of Sheridan.

Dr. Loskove serves as the chief of anesthesia for the Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida; Dr. Brooker is the chief of cardiac anesthesia at the healthcare system’s flagship hospital, Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Fla.; and Dr. Blomberg is the chief of anesthesia at Memorial Regional. The three physician leaders made it possible for the hospital's cardiac surgery program to achieve an across-the-board 3-star rating from the Society for Thoracic Surgeons (STS).

A complete 3-star rating from the STS is very difficult to achieve — only 1.2 percent of the 1,005 surgical sites surveyed this year were able to win the distinction. To be recognized, facilities must demonstrate excellence in three procedures: coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), aortic valve replacement (AVR) and combined CABG/AVR. As leaders of the anesthesia group at Memorial, Dr. Loskove, Dr. Brooker and Dr. Blomberg played key roles in making this achievement possible.

Dr. Richard Perryman, the medical director of Memorial Regional's Cardiac and Vascular Institute, highlighted the importance of his collaboration with the cardiac anesthesiologists in an announcement to hospital staff. Specifically, Dr. Perry recognized the “tremendous contribution of the cardiac anesthesia group to these outstanding results,” and said that “their continuing skills, dedication and enthusiasm” played a critical role in developing the “most comprehensive and high-quality service line for all patients needing cardiac care in South Florida.”

Building “the most comprehensive and high-quality service line” in South Florida — that's a mission that Sheridan is proud to be a part of. Congratulations to Dr. Loskove, Dr. Brooker, Dr. Blomberg and their team — we look forward to more fantastic results from MRH!