20 April 2016

Sheridan Launches Investigator Initiated Research Program

As a physician-led company, Sheridan aims to support and develop our physicians’ expertise in the clinical, management and leadership arenas. This year, in order to build on and support the research interests and efforts of our physicians, we are launching Sheridan Scientific Intelligence, an investigator initiated research unit. The new group will provide resources and support for physician-initiated research and will complement the work done through our clinical research team. The program will be led by Jana Barlic-Dicen, Ph.D., Manager of Investigator Initiated Research. As a large, multispecialty organization, Sheridan has an opportunity to serve the broader medical community by addressing unmet research needs.

Sheridan Scientific Intelligence will serve the needs of our physicians, our partner institutions, and the medical community by:

  • Encouraging physicians to partner with Sheridan on their investigative research so they can take advantage of Dr. Barlic-Dicen’s extensive experience and expertise in this area, from helping to refine the idea for the study for greater impact (e.g., larger reach, stronger testing methods/data) to providing guidance and support regarding statistical analyses, publication, presentation and exposure for the physicians’ research findings.
  • Ensuring that all investigator initiated research is conducted in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, especially when it involves patients.
  • Using the research findings to improve on current best practices at Sheridan’s partner hospitals and helping to publicize them so that other medical institutions and society as a whole can benefit from the research.

Sheridan Scientific Intelligence also will help to fund a certain number of studies each year. A call for research proposals will be sent to Sheridan physicians in the next few months.

Some of the areas that Sheridan physicians either have begun to research or have expressed interest in investigating include improvements to anesthesiology practices for obese and diabetic patients, and finding better radiology approaches and equipment, particularly for breast cancer imaging.


About Dr. Barlic-Dicen

Jana Barlic-Dicen, Ph.D. is the author of numerous peer-review publications and has been a speaker at multiple national and international meetings. She received her Bachelor of Science with Honors at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario, Canada). Dr. Barlic-Dicen was the recipient of the National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Training Award and served her post-doctoral research fellowship at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. She was a recipient of a prestigious Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship during her tenure at Imperial College London. She also served as a Principal Investigator at the Cardiovascular Biology Research Program at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and as a faculty member in the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, where her research was funded by the award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.