5 April 2013


Sheridan Healthcare’s recordable ink technology, a back-to-basics pen that transmits and stores each
stroke as digital data, has been named one of the top medical gadgets for practice management.
Featured as No. 4 of nine, CAREWritEHR® with Shareable Ink® technology joined other gadgets like LOK-
IT Secure Flash Drive® and NeatDesk® on Medical Office Today’s list.

This old-fashioned pen and paper process is simple to use, and provides a hard copy while automatically
creating a digital version. The CAREWritEHR pen allows you to face the patient while taking notes,
keeping you focused on the patient rather than a computer or tablet.

To see the full list of gadgets, visit http://www.medicalofficetoday.com/article/9-tech-gadgets-better-

What other benefits have you experienced by using CAREWritEHR in your practice?