19 August 2013


Sheridan took one emergency department’s length of stay from worst in system to best. Kaizen lean process improvement has  proven effective in increasing efficiency and reducing LOS. By staying focused on these principles, teams were able to achieve remarkable results within relatively short periods of time.

Team members concentrated on reducing waste, lead times and cycle times through value stream mapping. In one case, 60 minutes were identified that could be eliminated through the standardization of key elements. The efforts resulted in reduced bed to physician greet by 50% and LOS by 30%. Other hospitals that have undergone Sheridan’s lean transformation have achieved average LOS reductions from 250 to 179 minutes and one emergency department now strives for an impressive 73 minute LOS as an achievable goal.

With more than 60 years of experience, Sheridan’s transformative approach has improved efficiency at hospitals nationwide. Find out how our Emergency Medicine team can help your ED achieve its performance goals. http://sheridanhealthcare.com/hospital-leaders/emergency-medicine. What is your current average LOS?