13 June 2013


Striving for exceptional quality care is important for any hospital. To do that, service providers must take the time to listen to patients and put their needs first. Doing so may even save a life.

At one Sheridan facility, a patient was scheduled for a routine procedure. All tests were given to provide medical clearance for surgery and anesthesia. On the day of the surgery, Jeffrey Huang, M.D., anesthesiologist, interviewed and examined the patient. The patient mentioned having heartburn sensation for the last three to four days, as well as low blood pressure the day before.

Dr. Huang immediately ordered a second EKG. This time, the results showed that the patient was having an acute myocardial ischemia. The procedure was canceled and the patient was moved to the emergency department to receive full cardiac testing, which revealed severe diffuse disease in the coronary artery.

Because he took the time to understand the patient’s needs, Dr. Huang prevented a heart attack and possibly perioperative death. Are providers at your facility putting themselves in the patient’s world to provide exceptional quality care? Learn more about Sheridan’s anesthesia services.