26 March 2014

Putting Clinical Lean Process Improvements to Work

Clinical efficiency, productivity, hospital growth, and quality care are just a few challenges hospital administrators face. When one department suffers, it affects overall performance and efficiency. One of our clients experienced this first-hand. Although they had received over 25 national awards and recognitions for patient care and safety, their OR efficiency was suffering due to delays and miscommunications. The heart of the problem was mismanagement of their preadmission testing documentation (PAT). 

We developed a solution to improve communication across departments and keep the OR running smoothly: a visual system for PAT staff to track on-time chart delivery. Our Performance Improvement Team was formed and consisted of two Sheridan doctors, a regional practice manager, and a corporate facilitator. We worked with the hospital’s OR and PAT nurses, as well as its process improvement engineers, to reduce wasted time and effort in the flow of documentation.

With easier communication between anesthesiologists, OR staff, and PAT nursing staff, we were able to improve the standard delivery time for charts by four hours. Nursing content went from 123 to 70 minutes per case – an improvement of 43%.

Today, this hospital has included our lean initiatives in its overall process improvement strategy and continues to see an increase in OR efficiency. Visit our “Contact Us” page to start a conversation with us about how we can help your facility.