8 December 2016

McLaren Hospital’s CEO Discusses the Value of Sheridan’s Distributed Radiology Services

When William “Bill” Lawrence became CEO of McLaren Central Michigan Hospital eight years ago, he saw no significant clinical issues with the three-physician radiology group at the 118-bed acute-care hospital, per a new article in Radiology Today. He did, however, find problems typical of a hospital that size: slow turnaround times, lack of consistency and significant gaps in the radiology services and modalities offered. Lawrence turned to an old friend, radiology leader Frank Seidelmann, D.O., to ask for his thoughts on solutions that could improve McLaren’s radiology services at a reasonable cost. 

Both men had worked at the renowned Cleveland Clinic and had known each other for many years. Dr. Seidelmann suggested the distributed radiology services from Radisphere, a company he had co-founded with a colleague. Lawrence was extremely impressed with the solution, which could provide his three on-site radiologists with 24/7 remote access to Radisphere’s large network of highly respected radiology subspecialists from around the country, all of whom agreed to accept accountability for the quality of their work.

Lawrence, who naturally assumed this sophisticated solution would come with a hefty price tag, was surprised to learn about Radisphere’s fee-for-service business model. Dr. Seidelmann also explained that his company was willing to assume most of the set-up costs and build the data interfaces. That clinched the deal, and McLaren signed on soon thereafter.

Eight years later, Lawrence continues to be impressed with the quality improvements at McLaren since contracting with Radisphere, including “stellar” turnaround times and very low error rates, which are consistently less than five percent overall and less than one percent for errors that would have made a difference in diagnosis.

Following its acquisition last year by Sheridan, Radisphere has evolved into Sheridan’s Distributed Radiology Services (DRS), which uses teleradiology technology to give partner hospitals of any size access to more than 400 highly specialized radiologists nationwide. Dr. Seidelmann is now Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director for Sheridan’s Radiology Services. 

To learn more about how our distributed radiology services have improved both the quality and efficiency of McLaren’s radiology offerings, read the Radiology Today article “Enhancing Workflow with Distributed Radiology Services.”