10 December 2013


Writing for Becker’s Hospital Review, Dr. Steven Sheinman, Sheridan Healthcare Inc., points out that while many anesthesia complications are inherent, others can be easily avoided. Dr. Sheinman has two key practices that will help improve the patient experience. One way to improve the experience is by opening up communications between doctor, patient and anyone else that is involved. Better preoperative education preoperative lends itself to fewer complications post-operative. The other key to avoiding anesthesia complications that Dr. Sheinman mentions is that proper and thorough pre-screening of patients is the best course of action to help avoid issues post-operatively. Speaking generally, Dr. Sheinman says that one should send all high-risk patients to the hospital and follow the best practices that have been put in place. http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/anesthesia/patient-screening-communication-key-to-avoiding-anesthesia-complications.html