23 June 2014

Kaizen in the Emergency Department: St. Mary’s Medical Center

What happens when ED patients experience long wait times to see a doctor and have to spend hours in the hospital? St. Mary’s Medical Center faced this issue in 2013. The hospital brought us in to help improve its emergency department’s workflow as well as communication between different ED staff members.

Over a 2-day Kaizen event, we worked with a 20-person team to increase patient satisfaction and reduce "Left Before Being Seen" scores at St. Mary’s. Our Kaizen team was led by a physician and included two RNs, members of the IT department and individuals from LAB and C/T. We identified and removed the critical constraints that were increasing length of stay for patients, and installed effective process tracking as an ongoing “plan-do-check-adjust” cycle, a 4-step management tool to monitor process improvement.

Today, this hospital is one of our highest-performing clients.