11 April 2013


A “patient-centered focus” has many definitions. But at the core of this focus is a simple practice—care is organized directly around the patient and his or her needs. In an interview with Brent James, chief quality officer and executive director of the Institute for Health Care Delivery Research at Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare, FierceHealthcare asks James about  increasing the focus on the patient’s care.

Hospitals who foster a good bedside manner and patient-centeredness improve their patient’s medical outcomes. At LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, physicians discovered an ideal time to give antibiotics to prevent post-operative wound infection. This lowered the infection rate from 1.8 to .4 percent, drastically reducing the cost of treating infections. In turn, it saved the hospital more than $1 million a year in operating costs.

To find the full interview with Brent James, read the FierceHealthcare article at http://www.fiercehealthcare.com/story/intermountains-bret-james-patient-centeredness-drives-quality-savings/2013-03-27.