12 March 2014

Improving Anesthesia Management Services

The anesthesia medical group in a facility helps surgeries run smoothly and on time, so we focus on optimizing the OR’s performance and efficiency for our clients. At one facility, we drew on Lean principles to improve organizational processes, lower turnover times, and increase clinical efficiency. 

This hospital in the Southwest had a well-known orthopedic center and was rated the #1 Trauma Center in its state in 2010, but its former anesthesia services team had suffered from lapses in documentation, lengthy room turnover times, and organizational inefficiencies. Once integrated into the facility, Sheridan’s dedicated clinical and operational leaders worked to transform the reputation of this anesthesia department. 

Our local anesthesia leadership had the national and regional resources and support to improve the performance of the perioperative process. The anesthesia department’s reputation was transformed under our management, and the case volume and department efficiency improved. Results included: 

•    40% increase in case volume without hiring additional staff
•    An additional 250 new cases per month in the same number of operating rooms 
•    35% increase in room turnover rates, dropping from 45+ minutes to consistently less than 29 minutes

Check our anesthesia case studies in the resource libraryor get in touch with us to see how our anesthesia management services can work for you.