22 June 2016

IBM Selects Sheridan Healthcare for Global Watson Health Medical Imaging Collaborative

Sheridan is proud to announce that it has been selected by IBM as one of the foundational partners in the new Watson Health medical imaging collaborative, a global initiative comprising 16 leading health systems, academic medical centers, ambulatory radiology providers and imaging technology companies. The collaborative aims to bring cognitive imaging into daily medical practice to help doctors address breast, lung and other cancers; diabetes; eye health; brain disease; and heart disease and related conditions, such as stroke. IBM Watson is the first commercially available cognitive computing capability and is delivered through the cloud. Watson analyzes extremely large volumes of unstructured data, understands complex, natural-language questions and proposes evidence-based answers. IBM launched Watson Health and the Watson Health Cloud platform in April 2015 to accelerate healthcare innovation by empowering doctors, researchers and insurers to uncover insights from the massive amounts of personal health data that are created and shared daily.

Members of the collaborative plan to put Watson to work to extract insights from previously “invisible” unstructured imaging data and combine them with a broad variety of structured and unstructured data from other sources, such as data from electronic health records, radiology and pathology reports, lab results, doctors’ progress notes, medical journals, clinical care guidelines and published outcomes studies. The intent is to help physicians make personalized care decisions relevant to specific patients while building a body of knowledge to benefit broader patient populations. Watson continuously learns from previous interactions, increasing its knowledge and value over time. As the work of the collaborate evolves, Watson’s understanding and insights will also evolve, informed by the latest combined wisdom of the partner organizations.

Sheridan will serve as a leading clinical partner in the IBM medical imaging collaborative, teaming with other members of the collaborative and Watson Health cognitive computing experts to train Watson on cardiovascular disease, eye health and other conditions using data provided by the collaborative members or from population-based disease registries that house millions of de-identified cases from around the world. The partners in the collaborative will have the ability to integrate Watson into their workflow systems or image management software to help create new Watson-powered solutions.

Sheridan was chosen for its deep clinical expertise and its commitment to providing high-performance, standards-based imaging innovations. “As the nation’s largest hospital-based radiology services provider and a leading provider of teleradiology services, Sheridan has the depth and breadth of experience to provide the best clinical and operational guidance and expertise,“ said Raleigh Heard Jr., vice president of radiology services at Sheridan Healthcare. “We’re honored to have been selected and we look forward to working with IBM to develop a new generation of data-driven healthcare applications and solutions specific to radiology.”

“Sheridan is committed to constantly driving quality improvement,” said Maria M. Rodriguez, M.D., MBA, Sheridan’s senior vice president of radiology services. “Adding IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to our own radiology quality initiatives is really moving the needle on further improving patient care in this arena.”

“At a time when powerful insights come at the intersection of diverse data sets, medical images remain largely disconnected from mainstream health information,” said Anne Le Grand, vice president of Imaging for IBM Watson Health. “Working together in new ways across the healthcare ecosystem, the IBM Watson Health medical imaging collaborative aims to address this and other challenges that stand in the way of realizing the true value of imaging in health care. We’re honored that Sheridan Healthcare is participating in this endeavor with so many other esteemed organizations worldwide.”

With more than 120 programs and 300 providers, Sheridan Healthcare has the nation’s largest hospital-based radiology services group. Its 10 years’ experience in radiology has allowed Sheridan Healthcare to develop industry-leading infrastructure, resources and clinical experience designed to support its clinical providers, patients and hospital partners. 

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