9 September 2014

How to Implement the Changes From a Kaizen Event

After your team completes a successful Kaizen event to improve hospital processes from the bottom up, it’s time to celebrate – right? Not quite yet. This is when the real challenge begins. Now, it’s time to implement those changes and keep them going to make a real impact on hospital cost savings and efficient processes.

In part 3 of our video series, Dr. Tony Andrulonis discusses the sustaining process after a Kaizen event, and compares the Kaizen team members to coaches. Learn about the tools they can share with the rest of the hospital staff – their players – to produce truly astounding results. He also shares results from hospitals and CEOs who have used Kaizen to transform their departments:

Catch up on part 1 and part 2 of this series. Or, get in touch to learn more about how Kaizen can help you.