24 March 2016

How Technology Inspires Quality Patient Care in the Emergency Department

Emergency medicine clinicians must make important decisions quickly using the information readily available to them. To that end, EDs stand to benefit by harnessing technological advancements that bring actionable data to their fingertips. Ultimately, providing accessible data may improve the experience of providers and patients alike.

At Jupiter Medical Center, Sheridan developed and implemented the Inspire Quality system to create the infrastructure necessary for quality data tracking. The IQ system simplifies the process of identifying trends in patient care and physician performance. It provides a user-friendly interface to access, track and record patient data, and a way for physicians proactively evaluate their performance and the performance of their departments. At Jupiter, the staff has found it to be a powerful tool for enhancing the quality of patient care. Their experience encouraged Sheridan to roll out the system across the entire emergency medicine division.

As tech and analytic advancements continue to be made, hospitals too must evolve to ensure the highest level of care possible. Implementing quality infrastructure like the Inspire Quality system is an incremental departmental change that can have dramatic effects on emergency departments by leveraging physician experience with the necessary context.