29 April 2014

How Hospital Leaders Can Use Kaizen for Quality Improvement

Every hospital faces the same pressures: Cut costs, maintain quality, and improve patient satisfaction scores. Hospital leaders have several process improvement strategies to choose from, but Kaizen promotes collaboration and involves both administrative teams and clinical departments. In a FierceHealthcare.com interview, our Chief of Radiology at Jupiter Medical Center, Dr. Lee Fox, shared his tips for how hospital leaders can use Kaizen methodology to realize change:

Tips on Kaizen for Hospital Leaders:

  1. Look ahead. What does the future of your hospital look like from an enhanced performance perspective? Kaizen facilitators help our clients define the future of their facility and create a vision statement to share with departments and teams. 
  2. Ask the right questions. It can be tempting for leadership to jump to conclusions about the root of a problem and offer a “quick fix” solution. Instead, ask your team the right set of questions to get to the root of the issue.
  3. Identify cultural barriers. Hospital leaders are uniquely positioned to see the “big picture” at their facility and can identify obstacles to change. Leaders have the most impact in realizing change.  
  4. Empower your teams. Kaizen provides the structure for individual team members to identify opportunities for improvement. The secret to success is to empower your team members to convert those opportunities into actual, realized changes. 
  5. Share success metrics. Leadership should define their data points and success metrics early in the process, and share progress with their department teams on a regular basis. This allows team members to see how their efforts have a positive impact on the organization. 

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