24 May 2013


Although patient experience in hospitals has greatly improved over the past five years, it’s important for providers to continue to focus on the patient experience to sustain high performance. The organizational culture and gaining and analyzing a large data set are necessary for maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction.

Patrick Ryan, CEO of Press Ganey, provided four main components of improving patient experience from good to great.

  • Redefine patient experience. Approach patients with empathy and focus on their physical, emotional and mental well-being, rather than simply treating them as hotel guests.
  • Capture all patients’ voices. Hospitals should use electronic, census-based surveys to give every patient an opportunity to be heard.
  • Conduct advanced analytics. Measure the survey returns to determine how patient experiences differ among the different facets of your hospital.
  • Build and engage staff in a patient-centered culture. This involves a culture of empathy, innovation, change and growth.

To learn more about redefining patient experience, read the full interview with Patrick Ryan at http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/quality/4-steps-to-move-from-qgoodq-to-qgreatq-patient-experience.html.

Which of the four elements is your hospital most well-versed on?