13 June 2014

From CNN Health: 5 Questions to Ask Before Surgery

When preparing for surgery, patients may be anxious about many factors: the anesthesia process, the recovery time, or the success of the procedure itself. While many people reference the Internet as a guide, doctors and nurses are the best resources for detailed information about a specific case.

In an article on CNN Health, our Anesthesia Division’s Director of National Education, Dr. Adam Blomberg, shares his top 5 questions that patients should ask prior to surgery.

5 Questions to Ask Before Surgery

  1. Do I have to have this surgery? Find out if your surgery is medically necessary, what the alternatives are, and what the risks and benefits associated with each option are.
  2. Where is the surgery being done, and what is the facility's experience with this type of procedure? Look at the experience and expertise of the surgeon, staff and hospital – do they have established experience with your particular type of surgery?
  3. How do I prepare for my procedure – both physically and mentally? Ask if you need any testing beforehand, or if you need to make any changes to your medication, eating, or drinking before the procedure. Also, you need to prepare your family or friends because chances are you'll need their assistance when you come home. Be sure to have caregivers ready to help you.
  4. What are my anesthesia options? Some surgeries require a specific type of anesthesia, but you may have options. Talk to your doctor about the different types of anesthesia. If you do have the option to choose what kind to have, make sure you understand ahead of time what the risks and benefits are.
  5. What will my recovery be like? For some surgeries, reactions such as pain or nausea may be common. Learn what your expected recovery time frame will be like and what you can do to alleviate these symptoms.

Read the full article on CNN.com.