11 February 2014


We believe the quality of any hospital is only as good as its physician leaders. In order for these doctors to be successful, they must have the tools for improvement and educational resources. That’s why we developed the Sheridan Leadership Academy: to serve as an open forum where physicians can ask questions, gain new skills, and learn from each other.

All of our medical directors participate in this leadership development program, and topics of discussion include personal leadership skills, process efficiencies, and operational issues. Throughout the year, participants work to create their own personal improvement plan and attend annual group events to spark collaboration. The program also offers resources for further education in partnership with the Health Advisory Board.

The Leadership Academy is designed to foster well-rounded leaders in healthcare by balancing individual growth with team growth. Throughout the year, events and program elements such as 360 degree evaluations, online webinars, and quarterly conferences support Sheridan physicians in all areas of development.

Prioritizing leadership development has many benefits for hospital management, including high physician retention rates and increased efficiency brought on by open communication. Visit the Leadership Academy page for more information.