11 July 2016

Engaging Physicians Collaboratively to Innovate Emergency Medicine

In today’s value-based care environment, healthcare providers are feeling the urgency of finding better ways to improve their processes and communications.   The problems caused by inefficient processes and poor communication are magnified exponentially in emergency departments (EDs) because of the high patient volume and high proportion of patients needing urgent care.  Sheridan physicians have already implemented innovative ED process and communication improvements that have improved patient care, cleared ED bottlenecks, dramatically lowered “left before being seen” rates and increased patient satisfaction. In 2015, the organization launched an annual Innovate Emergency Medicine (iEM) conference to bring Sheridan physicians together to share best practices throughout its partner hospitals and to engage doctors collaboratively to explore further innovation in emergency medicine. 

At the second annual iEM Conference on April 14, Sheridan physicians from across the U.S. came together to share their individual perspectives on ED practices and the results of process improvements, learn from their colleagues’ experiences, discuss how best to apply or adapt others’ best practices within their own environments, and explore and refine ideas for innovative process improvements.

The conference succeeded in engaging and inspiring participants as they collaborated on new ways to tackle important challenges, including improvements to clinical quality, patient communications and satisfaction, physician satisfaction and throughput. Since every ED is different, the participants focused on developing broad strategies that can be adapted to the context of each ED. The conference also provided an opportunity for a more strategic group discussion of how best to prepare Sheridan’s Emergency Medicine division for the future.

Some of the organizers and participants share their thoughts on the Sheridan iEM conference in the following video.