22 January 2014


Effective collaboration across specialties serves to enhance patient care and creates efficiencies within a facility. In many cases, physician leaders can lead the charge in moving towards a “team player” mentality – if they have the necessary support.

Implementing a formal leadership training program is one way to empower physicians. Components of this program would include individual performance evaluations, regular educational sessions, and new techniques for performance improvement. You can learn more about Sheridan’s Leadership Academy here.

It is also crucial to encourage inter-departmental collaboration. Giving physician leaders the opportunity to work together in quality and process improvement initiatives will encourage them to motivate their teams and inspire change within an organization.

Finally, constant stress or burnout can dull a leader’s focus. Hospitals must stay in touch with physician workloads and provide the tools to help them manage stress effectively – before burnout happens.

This post concludes our series on hospital-physician collaboration.  To learn more or to find out how Sheridan can build a collaborative atmosphere at your facility, get in touch.