22 March 2016

Elevating Patient Care and Satisfaction at St. Mary’s Medical Center

St. Mary’s Medical Center in Missouri began working with Sheridan in 2013 to help improve its emergency department’s workflow, staff communication and patient satisfaction. Ken Colaric, M.D., the hospital’s director of emergency services, worked with Sheridan to organize a Kaizen event to identify the critical constraints that were increasing patients’ length of stay. Kaizen is a lean process improvement methodology and one of the key tools that Sheridan provides to its partner facilities.

Through the Kaizen, St. Mary’s used input from a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders to create processes that cut down on wait times, duplicated efforts and inefficiencies. The department implemented in-room triage and bedside registration, and found ways to work concurrently as a care team.

The results have been impressive: Length of stay was reduced by 22 percent and left-before-being-seen scores plummeted to less than 1 percent. Dr. Colaric was honored with Sheridan’s Diamond Award for demonstrating outstanding leadership and commitment to Sheridan Healthcare’s goals and values as a result of these dramatic performance improvements.

View this two-minute video to learn more about how Dr. Colaric helped make St. Mary’s Medical Center one of Sheridan’s highest-performing clients: