16 June 2016

Dr. Alvarez-Gil Provides Medical Humanitarian Aid During Surgical Missions to the Dominican Republic

Twice a year, Francisco Alvarez-Gil, M.D., Chairman of Anesthesiology at Sheridan partner Bayside Ambulatory Center in Miami, Florida, travels to the Dominical Republic as part of a team of anesthesiologists and surgeons to provide surgery to patients in rural areas. This medically underserved population is in great need of these physicians’ highly skilled services, and Dr. Alvarez-Gil has been helping to put together medical teams for these missions for several years.

The five-day surgical missions to the Dominican Republic are conducted under the auspices of Creighton University’s Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) every spring and fall, and three of those days are spent performing surgeries. During their most recent mission, the volunteer medical team performed 60 operations on 1200 adult and pediatric patients.

ILAC is located 7.5 kilometers outside Santiago. Creighton’s ILAC programs offer opportunities for dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, law, physical and occupational therapy, undergraduate and high-school students, as well as faculty-led groups, medical/surgical teams and other colleges, to serve and learn in rural areas of the Dominican Republic.

The biannual surgical missions that Dr. Alvarez-Gil and his medical colleagues go on are an essential component of ILAC’s Health Care Program. The next ILAC mission to the Dominican Republic is scheduled for the week of September 8.

Sheridan strongly encourages its physicians to provide medical care to underserved communities. We are proud of our many remarkable clinicians who, like Dr. Alvarez-Gil, dedicate their personal time and professional skills to provide humanitarian aid, and we thank and commend them for their service.  

Other service initiatives by Sheridan physicians include several Operation Smile missions to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nicaragua.