25 March 2016

Designing the Future of Emergency Medicine

The best emergency departments are those that consistently look for ways to optimize and streamline processes so that clinicians can reach patients as quickly as possible and care for them successfully. Mirroring these dynamic EDs, the emergency medicine field as a whole will need to look for ways to improve the delivery of care. As baby boomers age, systemic capacity for quality patient care will be strained by its sheer cost and volume. In this sense, it will be necessary for doctors to question the current best practices in emergency medicine. There is a mounting need for innovation within every facet of the workflow.

To address this need, Sheridan organized the Innovate Emergency Medicine (iEM) conference to stimulate creative thought and drive the changes necessary to make Sheridan hospitals more efficient and effective. The iEM conference provides numerous perspectives from which physicians are able to recognize inefficiencies that are taken for granted in many hospitals, and devise the best possible solutions to address these problems. The conference encourages quality patient care at reduced costs so that Sheridan may continue to set an example that will elevate the field of emergency medicine. As greater demands on quality and volume continue to challenge hospitals, events like the iEM conference allow physicians to innovate so that these demands are addressed creatively and proactively.