18 June 2014

Customized Pre-Admission Testing Helps Hospitals Allocate Resources

Each patient who comes through a surgery center is unique, with his or her own medical history and set of needs. But for a long time, hospitals used the same standardized pre-admission testing process, subjecting patients to unnecessary tests and resulting in higher costs. To combat this issue and increase hospital cost savings and efficiency for our clients, we researched best practices and developed ClearPATh, a proprietary pre-admission testing program that considers multiple factors and streamlines the testing process to reduce cancellations.

A Patient-Centric Approach
ClearPATh considers each patient’s medical history and takes a patient-centric approach to preadmission testing. The program includes guidelines and algorithms based on high-, medium- and low-risk procedures, as well as patients’ comorbidities. The same surgeon performing the same surgery on two different patients may order different tests based on the patients themselves.

For example, two patients may be having knee surgery. One, an otherwise healthy male in his mid-50s who exercises routinely, with no medical problems, no medications and no comorbidities who is having the surgery due to an athletic injury would most likely undergo basic blood work as a low-risk patient. The other patient, also in his mid-50s, with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep apnea, multiple medications or a cardiac stent, would be considered high risk and need a cardiac evaluation, EKG, more blood work and blood glucose testing.

Testing in Advance
ClearPATh also stresses pre-admission testing before the day of the procedure. This allows the surgeon and anesthesiologist to review and coordinate prior to the procedure so that resources can be allocated properly. The patient and family will know whether or not to take time off work for that day. This reduces the incidence of same-day cancellations and increases satisfaction and ensures that the OR is booked accordingly.

We are in the process of bringing ClearPATh to all our anesthesiology programs.