27 May 2014

ClearPATh: Our Quest to Maximize Operating Room Efficiency

Surgeries can account for 60 percent of a hospital’s revenue, and same day case cancellations and delays significantly eat into the bottom line as unused operating rooms cost hospitals upwards of $80 per minute. We realize that coordinated pre-admission testing procedures are key to reducing these problems and increasing hospital efficiency, so a team of Sheridan anesthesiology leaders collaborated in a year-long process to develop ClearPATh as a solution.

ClearPATh helps to verify surgical readiness, schedule only necessary pre-operative visits, communicate proper patient instructions for same day surgery and ensure that all proper, relevant tests are completed. In the past, surgeons would order as many tests as possible prior to surgery, with the idea that if the anesthesiologist had all that information, the case would not be cancelled. However, evidence shows that unnecessary testing increases costs, particularly for insurance companies, and increases patient dissatisfaction. Patients not only have to travel to several locations for tests but can be denied surgery due to false positives, which happen in otherwise healthy patients.

“When the ClearPATh system is implemented within a hospital’s perioperative process, surgeon satisfaction significantly improves,” explained Dr. Adam Blomberg, vice chief of anesthesiology for Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Fla. “More of a surgeon’s procedures actually take place when they are scheduled and they start on time, all due to careful planning and preparation before the patient even enters the operating room.”

We began introducing ClearPATh as part of our outsourced anesthesia services in late 2013, and it has already decreased same day cancellations, increased on-time starts and maximized operating room efficiency. In particular, one hospital has already decreased cancellation rates from 8.7 percent to 3.3 percent since ClearPATh’s introduction.

We are rolling out the ClearPATh methodology to each of our anesthesiology programs. To learn more about Sheridan anesthesia, visit this page.