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29 June 2016

Dr. Richard Berlin Continues to Improve Lives Through Operation Smile

Sheridan pediatric anesthetist Richard Berlin, M.D. is the associate chief medical officer for Operation Smile, a humanitarian organization that delivers free surgical care to patients in more than 60 countries. Dr. Berlin’s most recent Operation Smile medical mission involved a trip to Managua, Nicaragua, where he and a team of physicians and nurses from around the world performed 93 surgeries to repair cleft lips and cleft palates in less than five days.

Cleft lips or palates are birth defects, gaps in the lips or the roof of the mouth that did not close during the mother’s pregnancy. Unless they are corrected, a cleft in the mouth can create serious health issues. Babies can experience feeding...

16 June 2016

Dr. Alvarez-Gil Provides Medical Humanitarian Aid During Surgical Missions to the Dominican Republic

Twice a year, Francisco Alvarez-Gil, M.D., Chairman of Anesthesiology at Sheridan partner Bayside Ambulatory Center in Miami, Florida, travels to the Dominical Republic as part of a team of anesthesiologists and surgeons to provide surgery to patients in rural areas. This medically underserved population is in great need of these physicians’ highly skilled services, and Dr. Alvarez-Gil has been helping to put together medical teams for these missions for several years.

The five-day surgical missions to the Dominican Republic are conducted under the auspices of Creighton University’s Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) every spring and fall, and three of those days are spent performing surgeries....

17 May 2016

Memorial Regional Hospital Delivers Advanced Heart Failure Care

At Sheridan, we’re proud that our partner facilities consistently achieve some of the top distinctions in healthcare. Our physician leaders make this possible — as they continually identify ways to streamline processes, improve patient care satisfaction and push their departments to achieve more.

One such leader is Dr. Robert Brooker, chief of cardiac anesthesia and director of adult transplant and heart failure services at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Fla. Dr. Brooker is responsible for developing anesthetic protocols and care systems for the hospital’s top ranking cardiac surgery program. Since 2009, Memorial has been awarded the Society of Thoracic Surgeons’ top honor — three...

25 April 2016

The Drive for Process Improvement Part 5: Elevating Transformative Vision

Three leaders from the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) – a nonprofit founded by organizations known for progressive business practices and rigorous research: Harvard Business School, The Boston Consulting Group and the Karolinska Institutet – published an article in Harvard Business Review that analyzes the success some healthcare organizations have had in implementing patient outcomes measurement programs. The article lists five steps that should be applied when implementing major change or process improvement within healthcare systems. This blog post is the final in a five part series that critique and nuance each ICHOM step from a Kaizen perspective.


24 March 2016

How Technology Inspires Quality Patient Care in the Emergency Department

Emergency medicine clinicians must make important decisions quickly using the information readily available to them. To that end, EDs stand to benefit by harnessing technological advancements that bring actionable data to their fingertips. Ultimately, providing accessible data may improve the experience of providers and patients alike.

At Jupiter Medical Center, Sheridan developed and implemented the Inspire Quality system to create the infrastructure necessary for quality data tracking. The IQ system simplifies the process of identifying trends in patient care and physician performance. It provides a user-friendly interface to access, track and record patient data, and a way for physicians proactively evaluate...

22 March 2016

Elevating Patient Care and Satisfaction at St. Mary’s Medical Center

St. Mary’s Medical Center in Missouri began working with Sheridan in 2013 to help improve its emergency department’s workflow, staff communication and patient satisfaction. Ken Colaric, M.D., the hospital’s director of emergency services, worked with Sheridan to organize a Kaizen event to identify the critical constraints that were increasing patients’ length of stay. Kaizen is a lean process improvement methodology and one of the key tools that Sheridan provides to its partner facilities.

Through the Kaizen, St. Mary’s used input from a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders to create processes that cut down on wait times, duplicated efforts and inefficiencies. The department implemented...

16 March 2016

Sheridan Physicians Lead Operation Smile Mission to DRC

Sheridan anesthesia leaders Dr. Richard Berlin and Dr. Jean Miles recently coordinated a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo through Operation Smile, where they performed surgeries to repair obstetrical fistulas for women. The United Nations estimates obstetric fistulas affect two million women and girls in developing countries, primarily in Africa and Asia. If left untreated, the condition can lead to chronic medical problems, as well as social stigma. We are proud of the initiative of our doctors as they strive to give back to both their local communities and the broader global community.

is an international medical aid organization that works to provide medical care in over 60 countries. Although the...

14 March 2016

Thanks for a Remarkable Operating Room Success

Medical practice is an occupation where success is contingent upon vigilance and readiness. Few physicians can count on a predictable workday routine. While physicians must respond to unexpected changes in a patient’s condition on a daily basis, some challenges require more than just an informed medical mind. Sometimes the right answer to a problem is not obvious or readily available, but the problem needs to be solved immediately. These challenges require strong instincts, quick thinking and inexhaustible tenacity.

A patient at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, MA underwent a C-section following a newly diagnosed placenta previa. As the patient experienced a rapid 7,000mL blood loss, the...

1 March 2016

Sheridan Partners Named as Top United States Hospitals

We are very excited to announce that four Sheridan partners have made Healthgrades America’s Best Hospitals list. Recognition for the list is based on a demonstrated commitment to clinical quality outcomes and a consistent demonstration of excellence over several years.

50 Best Hospitals

Healthgrades America’s Top 50 Hospitals are recognized as the top 1% of facilities in the nation that achieve low mortality and complication rates in many inpatient procedures. The hospitals included in this list must have met and exceeded the highest standards consistently no fewer than six years to achieve this distinction. They include:

Delray Medical Center (Delray Beach,FL)-...

8 October 2015

The Value of Medical Society Membership for Large Group-Employed Physicians

In an era of rapid consolidation in healthcare, industry organizations are having a harder time sustaining their membership — particularly when it comes to physicians working within large groups like healthcare systems or outsourced physician services providers like Sheridan Healthcare. Large group members are, in many ways, protected and supported by their employer, leading them to believe that they have less need for support from a medical society.

However, healthcare providers should remain committed to their individual development beyond the enrichment opportunities furnished by their employers. Medicine is not a static field, so it’s critical to stay engaged in the conversations and transformations...