17 November 2016

Career Advice from Sheridan’s Chief Medical Officer for Radiology Services

One of the best ways to achieve success is to emulate and seek advice from someone who already has achieved that success. Frank Seidelmann, DO, one of this country’s foremost radiology experts, serves as an excellent role model for anyone looking to become a successful leader in radiology. Dr. Seidelmann is Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director for Sheridan’s Radiology Services, the largest hospital-based radiology practice in the United States and the only unified, national standards-based radiology service provider. He recently was honored with Sheridan’s 2016 Leadership Award. 

In a recent article in Radiology Life, Dr. Seidelmann shared his path to the top of his profession and offered career advice on attaining a radiology leadership position.

Be Proactive in Managing Your Career

He advises those who aspire to follow in his footsteps to be proactive and forward-thinking in managing their careers. Thriving in a field that is constantly changing and facing widespread, fundamental disruption requires “developing expertise in areas that interest you and that you believe will be important.”

Dr. Seidelmann started down that path during his 1972-1976 residency at the Cleveland Clinic, where he was the chief resident in radiology and president of the house staff. Cleveland Clinic owned one of the first head CT scanners and the first whole body CT scanner and he was one of the first radiologists to work with cross-sectional imaging. Early in his career he chose to practice and develop expertise in several of the first radiology subspecialties that evolved from these new imaging technologies, before eventually narrowing his focus to MRI imaging interpretations.  

Embrace Technology

Dr. Seidelmann urges would-be radiology leaders to constantly stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies and to look for opportunities to solve problems with creative, technology-enabled solutions – something he has done throughout his career.

Dr. Seidelmann had co-founded what became a large, multi-state, multi-hospital radiology group with its own MRI imaging center. Seeing an opportunity when that practice was sold, he co-founded a software company whose product helps imaging centers understand their referral patterns, volumes and trends.

He was a pioneer in distributed teleradiology. In 2001, two years after launching his first teleradiology practice, he and a colleague merged their practices to bring to life their visionary concept: finding the best subspecialty radiologists in the country and connecting them in a distributed practice with teleradiology services. The new practice grew rapidly and in 2007 became a full-service radiology group, Radisphere National Radiology. Dr. Seidelmann also designed a QA process that was embedded into the company’s enterprise software system to enable real-time, daily QA assessment of cases. The software, analytics and business processes were so valuable that they eventually were split off from the professional services and launched as an independent software company. Sheridan acquired Radisphere last year.

Invest in Your Own Development and That of the Physicians You Lead

Dr. Seidelmann also advises those pursuing a leadership role in radiology to invest time and effort not only into the development of the physicians under their leadership but also into their own professional development. Despite his lifetime certification, Dr. Seidelmann has recertified multiple times over the course of his career to maintain and expand his skills and expertise.

Learn much more about his remarkable career and helpful career advice in his Radiology Life article, “How-To Guide: Becoming the Chief Medical Officer of a Radiology Practice.”