6 January 2014


Seamless collaboration between hospitals and individual physicians is one of the cornerstones of a top-quality facility. So how can management create an atmosphere that encourages and rewards high performance? We will explore the building blocks of hospital-physician collaboration in a series of three blog posts. First up: increasing your physician network.

Applicants should be evaluated on how well they fit into your hospital or surgery center’s culture during the recruiting process. Have they demonstrated leadership in their community, education, or in previous positions? Look for those who have the potential to grow into larger roles within their department, in addition to filling a current need.

When working with current clinicians, it is important to create a culture that encourages leadership. Ensure that they have the clinical and business resources they need to continue improving, especially in high-stress departments such as emergency medicine and neonatal intensive care. These resources can include training and educationtools to help avoid burnout, and more.

The next post in this series will go into further detail on creating a collaborative hospital culture.