20 May 2013


The number of electronic health records implemented into hospitals has grown, but satisfaction hasn’t followed this trend. In a study, which surveyed 375 doctors, 40 percent said that they are not satisfied with their current EHR system. The problem seems to arise   during the implementation of the new system. Providers say that they are “less than optimally prepared for the transition to the EHR.”

Of several issues noted, specific problems were:

  • Return on investment is poor
  • Low interoperability with other healthcare providers
  • Security risks because of multiple log-ins which are kept written on a piece of paper
  • Codes inadequate for medical specialists
  • Many systems lack an audit trail

A diligent and comprehensive implementation plan could help alleviate some of these problems. It is also important for getting providers to effectively and efficiently use the EHR system within their facility. .

Find out how hospitals can overcome these initial EHR problems in an article by CIO Online.


What steps has your hospital taken to effectively implement your EHR system?