12 August 2013


Sheridan radiology services cover 10 modalities and handle more than 2 million interpretations yearly. Utilizing our sophisticated technology and Kaizen lean process improvement, we help increase the efficiency of radiology departments in hospitals and outpatient imaging centers nationwide.

FRESH teleradiology stands for Final Results Electronically from Sheridan Healthcare. This innovative, technically advanced system offers real-time accessibility and retrieves all relevant prior exams automatically. Sheridan’s Radiology Workflow System (RWS) also allows remote radiologists to read studies simultaneously and easily integrates with existing hospital systems.

The national average for radiology discrepancy rates is 2 percent while Sheridan’s is only .11 percent. Our contracted teleradiology turnaround time is 30 minutes, and we routinely average 11 minutes with information transfers taking place via secure HIPAA compliant systems. Sheridan’s composite score for clinical core competencies is 99.84%

Find out how Sheridan’s Radiology group can help improve the profitability and efficiency of your hospital.