12 March 2013


For more than 30 years, Sheridan Healthcare has been a leading provider of neonatology services, specializing in acute inpatient care and treatment of infants and children. Through our lean process program, we maintain or improve physician productivity, patient safety and clinical efficiency.

Sheridan has a group of monthly-meeting NICU physicians who have developed a list of clinical initiatives to ensure that yours is the highest quality unit it can be. Called the Sheridan Children’s Quality committee, the initiatives it focuses on are:

1. Best practices for feeding the low birth weight infant
2. Chronic lung disease prevention
3. Catheter related bloodstream infection prevention
4. Blood transfusion policies to minimize utilization

At Sheridan, we know that the little ones who stay in our hospitals need care when they are well enough to leave. That’s why we develop collaborative working relationships with community obstetricians, pediatricians, hospital nursing staffs and administration. We want to be more than a healthcare provider. We want to be a fundamental part of your hospital’s community.

What are you happiest with regarding your neonatology department? What areas are needing improvement? Find out more about our neonatology management.