Case Study

Women’s and Children’s Lean Process Improvement Case Study

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The Couplet Care program has generated an opportunity for the hospital and nursing teams to identify specific areas of concern. The opportunities to create new concepts  improve patient satisfaction have led both the hospital and nursing team to success. 

The Study

A South Florida hospital introduced Couplet Care—a pilot program designed for newborns and their mothers with the goal of easing postpartum depression and to aid in successful lactation. Adopting the new program proved challenging due to numerous conflicts with current workflows, extended nursing hours and demand for additional space.


Working together, the hospital and nursing team identified specific areas of concern and outlined a plan to analyze facility constraints while addressing low compliance with nursing standards. Several issues affecting patient satisfaction also emerged during the Kaizen event.


During the Kaizen, the hospital and nursing team created a new concept for care and discovered numerous opportunities to improve patient satisfaction. Workflows were observed and a list of key issues were confirmed and adjustments were made accordingly. Relatively simple changes, such as reconfiguring the floor layout, had a significant effect on successful integration of the new program.


In only six weeks, new changes led to substantial improvement in the Couplet Care Program:

  • Successful lactation rates increased to 90%—from under 30% before the event
  • More than 90% compliance with nursing standards—an improvement from below 20%
  • Improved nursing workflow and overall patient satisfaction

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