Emergency Department Management

Sheridan is the trusted choice for an emergency room management company
More than 60 percent of inpatient volume comes through the emergency room. How’s your ER running?

Hospitals and health systems trust Sheridan to deliver innovative emergency department management solutions that meet their service needs and growth goals.

Emergency departments are no longer just for emergencies – in many hospitals, they now act as the primary point of entry for the majority of admitted patients. Emergency medicine physicians are a limited resource, and with more and more patients using the emergency department, resources need to be allocated as efficiently as possible.  

Emergency Department Solutions

Sheridan uses LEAN principles to generate emergency department best practice workflows that streamline the patient experience and ensure timely, appropriate patient evaluation.

  • Reduce Length of Stay (LOS) for admission and discharge
  • Reduce Left Before Being Seen (LBBS)
  • Reduce Door to Provider times
  • Reduce discharges Against Medical Advice (AMA)
  • Decrease 72 Hour Return Visits
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce emergency department risk exposure
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Improve financial performance

Download our premier executive resource on Lean Process Improvement in Healthcare: How to Achieve the Impossible.

Path to Emergency Department Management Partnership

Sheridan will redefine the way you see emergency medicine group partnerships. And with our simple Path to Partnership process, this is your moment to explore how a Sheridan partnership suits your organization. Your emergency medicine provider should be accountable to quality, throughput and cost.

  • Standardize processes for optimized patient outcomes
  • Improve patient flow, patient safety, and patient satisfaction
  • Maximize revenue and strengthen competitive edge
  • Attract and retain physicians who are passionate about emergency medicine
  • Establish trusted partnerships based on shared risk, performance benchmarking, and transparency
  • Evaluate and implement plans for process improvement based on our proven change management resources


You're one step away from a stronger emergency department.

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