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Joining the Sheridan family exposes you to a community of more than 2,200 physicians and allied healthcare professionals with resources, support and decades of experience in the provision of superior medical service. As a multispecialty group practice, which services 167 hospitals and medical facilities nationwide, Sheridan allows you the freedom to meet your professional goals wherever you choose. We are actively looking for anesthesiologists, CRNAs, neonatologists, neonatal nurses, emergency medicine physicians, PAs and radiologists for locations throughout the U.S. We offer flexibility with ongoing opportunities to achieve personal, financial and professional success, as well as the support you need to focus exclusively on medical care.

Additional Opportunites

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The Sheridan Leadership Academy

The Sheridan Leadership Academy originally began as a forum to bring our physicians and allied health providers together in a collaborative environment, to establish a bond with their peers, and provide an opportunity to better understand Sheridan's goals and objectives.

Today, it has transformed into a comprehensive program in which we invest in the development, training, and education of our clinical leaders, as a way to empower providers who have natural leadership skills and equip them with the knowledge they require in their daily responsibilities so that they can evolve into even stronger leaders.

All medical directors participate in this collaborative environment, and physicians gain a fresh approach to their personal leadership styles to enhance their ability to lead while refining their decision-making expertise.

The program offers the following leadership resources:
The 360 degree leadership assessment is an evaluation process that provides our clinical leaders with honest, open feedback on their leadership style and performance

Quarterly webinars to educate our providers on current hot topics in the healthcare industry.

The semi-annual original workshop, which allows our team leaders to focus on a specific, topical theme that we try to correlate with Sheridan's key initiatives

The Leadership Intensive is a two-day conference that mixes lectures by esteemed physicians and healthcare executives with collaboration exercises and role play scenarios to assist clinical leaders in looking at issues from the perspective of their facility.

Learn more about the Leadership Academy.

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