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Sheridan has joined forces with AMSURG

Combining resources, leadership and expertise, AMSURG and Sheridan Healthcare—two best in class healthcare companies—will revolutionize the delivery of quality surgical care in hospitals and outpatient settings.


outsourced clinical & management services

Our vision is to deliver industry-leading healthcare solutions for anesthesia departments and other services that demonstrate measurable excellence and value that makes us indispensable to our customers.


anesthesia management services

Sheridan's anesthesia group is one of the nation's largest and most experienced provider of outsourced anesthesia solutions, providing anesthesia services since 1953. Our depth of experience provides physician groups, hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities with the resources to continuously improve their anesthesia departments.


neonatology services

Sheridan's neonatology management division specializes in acute inpatient care and treatment of infants and children. Established 30 years ago, our neonatology groups span 12 states and represent the 2nd largest group practice in the United States.


radiology services

Sheridan's radiology management group provides high-quality services and is a leader in the provision of diagnostic and interventional radiology services delivered both on-site and remotely based on the clinical and economic objectives of our clients. Our fellowship-trained and board-certified radiologists' expertise spans all the modalities of radiology.


emergency medicine services

Recognizing Sheridan's success in the operating room, client hospitals asked us to bring our management and leadership expertise to their emergency departments. Sheridan improves emergency departments with poor patient and medical staff satisfaction, to fully functioning departments and high marks in core measures, patient satisfaction, medical staff satisfaction and decreased patient wait times.


Standardizing a common medical procedure

Doctors are working to reduce the need for costly blood transfusions – read our latest blog post to learn how.


Administrator ManagementWelcome to Sheridan Healthcare

Sheridan is one of the leading providers of healthcare solutions for anesthesiology and other specialties to physicians, hospitals and outpatient centers. Physician led and managed, Sheridan provides comprehensive hospital-based clinical and management solutions for anesthesia outsourcing and other specialty areas including emergency medicine, children's services and radiology. Our dedication to collaboration, leadership and quality provides our hospitals and patients with the care they deserve.


Sheridan Healthcare has supplied outsourced anesthesia services to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers for nearly 60 years. Sheridan anesthesia group is more experienced than any other anesthesia outsourcing provider in the country, and we've retained our first clients since 1953.

Sheridan anesthesia group partners with you to:

  • Improve operating room performance and efficiency
  • Reduce overall expenses
  • Increase approval ratings
  • Streamline interdepartmental organization, communication and management
  • Positively affects OR workflow and availability

Our locally based anesthesiology teams establish collaborative relationships for sustained improvement as an ongoing initiative, and they are comprised of full-time, board-certified or board-eligible anesthesiologists, CRNAs and anesthesia assistants. Learn more.


For more than 30 years, we have been a leading provider of neonatology management and other children's services, specializing in acute inpatient care and treatment of infants and children. We continue to expand our NICU management services into pediatric intensive care, pediatric hospitalist programs and pediatric emergency medicine. We are committed to clinical excellence and are also motivated to be an integral part of your community. We develop collaborative working relationships with:

  • Improve operating room performance and efficiency
  • Reduce overall expenses
  • Increase approval ratings
  • Streamline interdepartmental organization, communication and management
  • Positively affects OR workflow and availability

We also offer PremiEHR™., our proprietary EMR. This software effectively captures relevant medical information for care provided in the NICU, nursery and delivery room. Additionally, as part of our neonatal management service, we provide a turnkey, universal newborn hearing screening program called Healthy Hearing™.

Led by our dedicated on-site medical director, our locally based teams are comprised of full-time, board-certified or board-eligible physicians and ARNPs. Learn more.

Emergency Medicine

Sheridan Emergency Medicine was established in 1994, and we treat more than 600,000 patients annually through our emergency room services.

We transition Emergency Departments with poor satisfaction scores, negative patient perceptions and low core measure compliance into strong departments that:

  • Meet 100% of our client's throughput reporting metrics.
  • Meet 100% of our core measures.

By providing emergency department services, we help facilities implement fast-track and appropriate triage programs as well as achieve outstanding patient satisfaction. Learn more.

Radiology Services TESTS

Sheridan delivers prompt, accurate preliminary and final interpretations and we specialize in all modalities of on-site and remote radiologic coverage.

Our radiology services turnaround routinely outperforms contracted times and Sheridan's industry-leading quality management program ensures that discrepancy rates are consistently well below the national average.

Our radiology services offer:

  • 24/7 coverage
  • After-hours final reads by radiologists
  • Additional consultations are always available

The stability of our radiology management group is evidenced by a 95% retention rate.

All physicians are:

  • Fellowship-trained or board-certified
  • Locally licensed
  • Based in the United States

Additionally, we follow NCQA certification for credentialing and conduct our own approved physician review process. Learn more.

Request for Proposal

Contact us today to learn the many ways a partnership with Sheridan Healthcare can optimize overall efficiency and improve patient satisfaction within your hospital, ambulatory surgery center or physician office. Any information you provide will be kept confidential and not be shared with anyone outside Sheridan.

For a confidential discussion regarding your anesthesia, emergency medicine, neonatology, or radiology needs, please call 877.707.4545, or use our Proposal Request Form below to send us your general requirements.

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News & Events

Mark your calendar to learn about upcoming events and conferences.

How teamwork, trust and improved communication reduce mistakes in the ER

To combat miscommunication in the emergency room, one Sheridan Healthcare physician is leading an effort to practice communication drills with his teams at Baptist Hospital of Miami.

Health Care Quality Benchmarks Continue to Irritate, Evolve

Catherine Polera, chief medical officer for the emergency medicine division of Sheridan Healthcare, comments on a major shift taking place in Medicare's Physician Quality Reporting System program.

Sheridan Radiologist talks about treating TBI with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dr. Lee Fox, regional medical director for Sheridan Healthcare, discusses treating Traumatic Brain Injury with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Jupiter Medical Center's Joe Namath Neurological Treatment Center.

March 16  -  19

American College of Healthcare Executives Congress on Leadership
Chicago, IL

February 10  -  11

Louisiana Hospital Association Annual Leadership Conference
Baton Rouge, LA

January 30

New Jersey Hospital Association Annual Meeting
Princeton, NJ

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